How to download Angry Birds Year of the Dragon App (& Game Review)

Just wanted to share some news with your about the Chinese New Year version of Angry Birds on iphone and ipad called "Year of the Dragon" released January 20, 2012.

Basically it looks like this is not a standalone Chinese iphone / ipad app for Angry Birds but rather an update for the existing application Angry Birds Seasons which you can download using these two links.
(iphone Angry Birds Seasons | ipad Angry Birds Seasons HD)
Video animation for Seasons - Year of the Dragon (youtube link)

Review for Year of the Dragon
Is Angry Birds Seasons worth the .99 cent download?  Yes - If you've never played the game before, then you will probably understand why it's so popular.  If you are already an Angry Birds fan then I'm sure you will not be disappointed by the Seasons App.  Overall it contains all of these levels and just added Year of the Dragon.
2012: Ham'o'ween - 30 levels, Wreck the Halls - 25 levels, Year of the Dragon - 15 levels (so far)
2011: Trick or Treat - 45 levels, Season's Greedings - 25 levels, Hogs and Kisses - 18 levels, Go Green, Get Lucky - 18 levels, Easter Eggs - 18 levels, Summer Picnic - 30 levels, Moon Festival - 33 levels.
Looks like Rovio has got some of the China cultural elements right - there are both fireworks in the background sky and in the game itself, which you can set off by hitting - and they then shoot off in random directions.  Also quite a few laterns & other classic symbols of New Year in China.
To get Chinese New Year for Angry Birds
1) Download the Angry Birds Seasons app - iphone - ipad
2) If already installed and you're not seeing Chinese New Year version, then close the app and open the App Store & download the update to Angry Birds Seasons.
3) You're all set - hope you enjoy the game.
(h/t to @NiuB & Penn-olson for the tip: Rovio Unleashes Year of the Dragon Edition of Angry Birds | Tech in Asia by @1rick)


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Comment by Indira Santos on January 23, 2012 at 5:49am


Comment by Brandon on January 22, 2012 at 3:27pm

I think so.  Try this link to the game in Android Market

Comment by Indira Santos on January 22, 2012 at 9:54am

there is any android version for it?

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