I want help with how to learn mandarin chinese. Do I start with symbols ? Grammar? Sentence structure? Can someone please let me know about a good site to learn the symbols from. Also what's is pinyin and how is it different from the other one that starts with "Z" ?
I'm not a native English speaker so I wont have the usual pronounciation problems that Americans or British people have.

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What is*


Pinyin is the phonetic rewriting of Chinese characters (Named hanzi) with romanized letters.

I think its learning is the most important for an European person. Since chinese is a so called tonal language, essential to learn the correct pronunciation, because the same word pronunced in a different intonation results different meaning!

As a begining I suggest this website.

I wish you succeed

And afterwards, on the same page, scroll down, you're going to find some information in the frame "approaching Chinese - first steps".


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