anyone have any suggestions on iphone/ipad apps to help in the learning process? am still a relative beginner so would be more basic sentence structure and vocab type exercises. I completely thought a year after release the ipad would be amazing me with interactive textbooks, etc. 


Qingwen dictionary on the iphone is one i've found thats easy to use and helpful so far. 

Qingwen iTunes link (new window)

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I've looked at Trainchinese... if you buy the flashcards it seems to say you only get them for 3/6 months or however long you pay for? Seems a bit expensive to pay for the flashcards only to lose them 3 months later! 

@NoraJoyWilson I had WCC Bigram on my iPod and I've just noticed it on Android too:

WCC Bigram - Android

It has hardly any ratings or downloads so I'm guessing it's new. I always liked it on my iPod so may be a good choice for Android users out there! 

Yes, it is quite new.  If you like it, I'd really appreciate a review.  I personally use it in conjunction with E-stroke, which teaches how to write.  Combined with Chinesepod, Behind the Wheel Chinese and Pleco, that pretty much sums up my mobile classroom.  

I'm similar, but definitely need Pleco in there too!

Added a review! I mentioned adding my own flashcards. Not sure how involved you are with it but if that could happen it would be about perfect!

Nora Joy Wilson and  保罗, thanks for the recommendations. I had heard about the WCC Bigrams before but never took the time to check it out.  It's great.  I also downloaded the eZiTest for iPhone on LaoXiang's recommendation back in October.  It's really incredible and, for some reason, free!  Thanks again.

Hi 保罗, I'll be discussing your idea to add your own flashcards with the team this week.  I'm always looking for ways to make the app even better!  :)  Thanks!

Hey Nora, 

Any luck at the meeting?! I also have an Android tablet now and downloaded WCC but was having lots of problems, guessed it wasn't compatible yet?

Hi 保罗

I spoke with our developers and we decided that the purpose of the app is to familiarize each learner with over 99% of the characters seen in today's written Chinese.  The >1% characters that don't appear in our app are numerous and very, very rare.  

That being said, at this time we won't be adding the flashcard idea- sorry about that!  Is there a specific character that you're looking to add that you think should be in our list?  

As for the Android app, it is built for Android phones but should be compatible with the tablet (the graphics will just not match the resolution). If you have time, can you send me the details of these problems so I can work out the kinks?  Please e-mail me at

Thanks a bundle!


trainchinese now has a system where you buy lists instead of individual cards, once you have cards in a list they are yours to keep forever.
(train chinese iphone - train chinese ipad)

Flashcards Deluxe I'm preparing for HSK a the moment and this was the best flashcard app I could find. But it costs $3.99.  (iphone app | ipad app)

As a dictionary I'm using Pleco

This may be helpful... It introduces lots of learning Chinese apps.

Pleco is a quite good dictionary. Can also try KTdict C-E, and SOSO慧眼 for OCR.

KTdict C-E - iphone -- ipad

You might want to check Vocre Free Translator as well (iphone | ipad). It's now free too. I don't use it very often, but I've tried some it's cool.

And for flashcards, search "quizlet", and there are a bunch of free APP support quizlet database. And you can download flashcards or edit your own cards.   You can make your flash cards on the website and sync to your phone.

I would like to recommend the best app for learning Chinese characters, "Art of Chinese Characters".

In this app, you can learn Chinese characters with paintings, and find the origin of those characters. Also, you could practice stroke in this app.

However, it's only for iPhone and iPad.


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