What is the literal meaning of 对我来说 in 对我来说,这两个意思一样?



Please, what is the literal meaning of  对我来说 in  对我来说,这两个意思一样 - 'As for me, these two (words) have the same meaning'. I can`t see what  function  carries here. 



Thanks a lot.

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对我来说 is a set expression which as a meaning as just that. You can not separate the words. If you study Chinese grammar you will find many constructions like that.

对我来说 (as far as I'm concerned, as for me...) in different from 认为 or 觉得 as it  only can convey the speakers opinion (or maybe what is generally believed). 认为 or 觉得 can also be used when expressing the opinion of the person spoken about.

sorry, there is an h missing in the text above should be: a set expression which has a meaning as just that.

But 对他来说 or 对 name 来说 is also used.

a set expression which as a meaning as just that.
a set expression which as a meaning as just that.

"对我来说" is a set phrase.you can not use "对我说" instead.

we never use  "对我说" alone.It doesn't have any meaning.Here's some example using "对我说":



you can see that "对我说" means "tell me"

对我来说 means 'in my perspective' or 'from my standpoint' .




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We can translate '对我来说' as 'to me ', so you can think of  '来' as 'to' .

对我说    只是表明了说话所针对的对象是我,而  对我来说 强调的是 从'我'的角度进行的回答。






对我说---said to me


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