A friend from Taiwan introduced me to these dramas on the web.  Many have English subtitltes.  (The movie synopsis  will indicate whether there are English subtitles.)  I just started watching one called Fondant Garden

Check out Taiwanese Dramas:http://sugoideas.com/idol-dramas/

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Nice, tons of video there. (some with pretty interesting names too)  Thanks for sharing.

感謝! 我最愛的網關閉了. Up until now I didn't have a site to look at them on. I just would download them and hope I could find some subtitles. I just finished "easy fortune happy life". I was good. If you are new to TW dramas might I suggest "fated to love you" it is the best TW drama I have ever seen! So funny and the characters and store line stays with you for a long time. How do you practice your chinese when watching dramas? I find it very hard to practice listening hahaha I just tune out the talking I guess and focus on what is written in the subtitles. sometimes I will hear new words and learn them but its really hard for me to do that. does anyone have any suggestions on how to watch dramas for learning and enjoyment? Many thanks!

Hi, Pamela:  Thanks for your suggestions.  Do you know where I can watch Fated to Love You ? (The sites that I googled blocked this video.)  In addition to watching Mandarin shows, I also subscribe (for a fee) to MyTV Tai Seng that has mostly Cantonese (some Mandarin) shows of all kinds.  I believe my listening strenthened over time as I recognized words that I studied outside of watching dramas. I always noticed how speech in dramas sound different from how words may be pronounced by a dictionary or learning program; but this is why I need to be exposed to how words actually occur in speech.  To maximize vocabulary learning while watching videos,  Fluent U might be a good place  http://www.fluentu.com/  the site has vocabulary lessons to match each video clip you watch.  I like to use Fluent U every once in a while.  However, I do most of my Mandarin vocabulary learning by listening to taped lessons while doing everyday tasks (driving, cooking etc.) I enjoy both the Mandarin and Cantonese shows to learn new things or just to enjoy while reinforcing Chinese.  The Cantonese that I know also helps quite a bit as I pick up Mandarin words and phrases that are very similar in Cantonese.

@P Webster: thanks so much~ I will try this as well. "Fated to love you" can be found on the site you recommended. here is the link: http://sugoideas.com/drama-2008/fated-to-love-you/

@Sikora: yea it is so funny that's what makes me like it but it gets rather serious later on. definitely check more of it if you can~

Thanks so much Pamela!  Let me know if you watch any other interesting dramas. I'm going to start Fated to Love soon.

Wow! That's a really great tip.  I actually did check out a bit of "fated to love you"  - pretty zany!

Hi,  your link is great since mysoju.com was already banned. However, I still cant find the show of Vanness Wu's Ti Amo Chocolate with English subtitles. Im learning how to speak in Mandarin and I always watch Taiwanese dramas.  Hope you can help me. Thanks!

Hi, Chariz:

I foung Ti Amo Chocolate with Eng. subtitles at:


There are a lot more Asian dramas on this website.  The page that list the dramas by language (including listing of Taiwanese dramas and Taiwanese movies) is:


I watched a bit of Ti Amo Chocolate -- very nice acting and movie plot so far!

Thanks for letting me know about this movie!


Here is another site with lots more Chinese and Taiwanese shows with English subtitles.  You can register for free to keep track of what you have watched.






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