Ninchanese on Kickstarter: a gamified learning app to learn Characters, build sentences and learn to speak Chinese

Hi everyone,

Ninchanese is a gamified learning app where you learn characters, to build sentences and to speak Chinese. 

A while back, I posted about Ninchanese being in beta. We've been getting very good feedback from users and want to be able to offer everyone a fun Chinese learning experience so we launched a Kickstarter campaign for Ninchanese.

The campaign is live and we've reached 50% of our goal so far! You can check it out here:

If you like it andwant to support a small indie team making an interesting Chinese learning tool, please consider sharing the campaign with others and supporting us. The campaign is live until the 2nd of August.

I'm happy to answer any questions or comments you might have.



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The link you given doesn' work.

Can you tell us more about why this app could help us learn Chinese character with ease?

Hi Lilian,

The link mentioned doesn't take you to the Kickstarter campaign because it has ended, but if you click on it you'll see it takes you to a page thanking all the wonderful backers that helped us make Ninchanese a reality.

As for Ninchanese, it helps you have fun learning all key aspects of Chinese, including learning to read and write Chinese characters. The application is now open to all and free to use here.


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