I have a question! When you speak Mandarin, do you speak with a "higher" voice than when you speak English? And for Mandarin speakers, do you speak lower in English compared with your Mandarin?

I would really like to know because I think I am able to speak the tones better (have them be more distinguished) if I speak in a higher pitch, but I am not sure if this is true for everyone or if I should even bother using a higher pitch and just speak in my "regular" voice instead.

Has anyone noticed this with other languages? I think in Spanish I speak slightly lower than I do with English.

Any feedback is welcome. Thanks

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It's a great question, I had some personal experience with this.  When I heard Mandarin early in my learning, many of the males seemed to me to be speaking in a higher 'key'.  The natural tendency is to follow, however imho this is a mistake...just use your own natural voice and modify the tones within your natural range.  Trust me, if you try to speak higher than your normal voice 1. you'll get exhausted 2. you'll eventually pass out ;)

And the same goes the other way for English, stay within your own natural voice.

Have fun and speak in your own natural range.


Higher I think.  Certainly going from a second tone to a first tone is easier at a higher general pitch.

as a mandarin speaker,  there is  nothing different in pitch.......you may feel that when you listen some high speed mandarin speaker, when you speak mandarin fast, the pitch be low, (idk why either.....).basic there is no pitch difference in normal speak. 


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