Does anybody know some correct terms for going bowling in China? I have another date with a Chinese girl who can't speak English. I'll be "teaching" her how to "play"...



bǎo líng qiú

Bowling, bowling ball



Dǎ bǎolíngqiú

play/go bowling?



Bǎolíngqiú chǎng

Bowling alley


That's all I got. How about:

bowling pin






keep your arm straight

spin the ball



Thanks for the help!




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bowling pin 保龄球瓶 bao ling qiu ping

strike 全中 quan zhong

spare 补中 bu zhong

split 技术球 ji shu qiu

lane 球道 qiu dao

game 回合/局 hui he/ju

keep your arm straight 保持胳膊伸直 bao chi ge bo shen zhi

spin the ball 让球转起来 rang qiu zhuan qi lai


sorry i don't know how to input Pinyin tone.Hope this will help you.have fun.


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