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What do you think is the most interesting Chinese character? 你觉得哪一个汉字最有意思?

What do you think is the most interesting Chinese character? 我觉得“囧jiǒng”字特别有意思。这是一个从2008年开始流行于中国网上的汉字,它是一个新的象形汉字,所以我们在字典里找不到这个字。它的意思是““郁闷…

Started by Becky huang

2 May 1, 2015
Reply by Jim Wu

What's the best iphone / ipad app for learning Chinese?

anyone have any suggestions on iphone/ipad apps to help in the learning process? am still a relative beginner so would be more basic senten…

Started by Ranjan Roy

34 Oct 8, 2014
Reply by Will Newcomb

Can you explain 就 jiù, 相 xiang ?

Hi SMC people. I've reached a HSK2 level of vocabulary thanks to memrise (I couldn't have kept going in chinese without the guaranteed prog…

Started by Pat

5 Aug 1, 2014
Reply by Jim Wu

Does Mandarin orthography ignore the difference between referential and metalinguistic uses of expressions?

In English and other European languages, words are written differently depending on whether they are used to name their referents or just t…

Started by Gong Yi Si

8 Jan 23, 2014
Reply by zhangmei

Anyone want to try to learn Chinese characters in an online class?

I am experimenting with teaching/learning chinese characters in an online setting. Looking for feedback.  Going to try to start a chinese c…

Started by Roger Y Dunn

7 Dec 20, 2013
Reply by Girard Kenny

Top Member

Chinese character 一(yī)日(rì)旦(dàn)

“一” (yī) is a simple, It means "one". But at the first it is mean "landline". The landline is only one in peoples view, so it used to be me…

Started by 秦胜

3 Nov 20, 2013
Reply by 秦胜


What do you think about this TED talk on Chinese Characters?

I saw this video going around among expats in China and thought I would share it. Embed from youtube below or you can view on ted here: Sha…

Started by Brandon

19 May 27, 2013
Reply by Tyson

using the character 换

Could you say: 我换我的头脑。wǒ huàn wǒ de tóunǎo. I changed my mind. Does that make sense? Or is it too much of a literal translation? Thanks 

Started by Lucy janet

3 Mar 22, 2013
Reply by xiaomo (小莫)

Should I learn Chinese characters?

So, I have been teaching myself Chinese, and I enjoy it soo much. At school I had to take a Spanish class, and honestly did not like it, bu…

Started by Lauren qinpei

20 Aug 14, 2012
Reply by Carey Giudici

What's your favourite 汉字?

大家好, Learning Chinese characters is, and everybody can agree, a challenge. Well, some don't ever want to bother to learn them, others but f…

Started by Ma Ji Ya

18 Aug 6, 2012
Reply by Thomas Doherty


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