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New Members - What is a word that you have learned recently?

This is a topic designed for New Members. Just add a comment below with a Chinese word that you learned recently.  Examples: "I just had my…

Started by Brandon in Are you new here?

221 May 16
Reply by Tyson

Where to get Chinese reading materials?

I notice a platform collecting Chinese reading materials of different types and would like to recommend to friends learning Chinese.The nam…

Started by June Tian in General questions / discussions

6 May 11
Reply by Zhouhaochen

Break Learning Suggestions?

大家好! I'm a first-year college student, and I just finished my first quarter of Mandarin. I have about four weeks of break until I go back f…

Started by Simone Browne in General questions / discussions

5 May 11
Reply by Zhouhaochen


New Members - What was one of your first real life usages of Chinese?

This is a topic designed for New Members. Just add a comment below about when you first started using Chinese in "real life" meaning outsid…

Started by Brandon in Are you new here?

15 Apr 19
Reply by Becca

translation help

can someone translate these two sentences to english: 2001年11月08日因大中专学生毕业由河北省虞山市路北区河北轻工业学校迁来 2008年04月04日因父母与子女相互投靠由马兰峪镇石各庄村金鑫北道11楼2号迁来 than…

Started by orni taub in Can you help with this?

2 Apr 16
Reply by Wans

孫子 Sun Zi Quotation

From chapter 3 of an English translation of Sun Zi's Art of War is this quotation:      "What is of supreme importance in war is to attack…

Started by Shawn Talsma in Grammar questions - 语法

7 Apr 16
Reply by Wans

"Maternal grandma" by Jay Chou

All the explanations are provided by Chelsea_bubbly from Bedroom Chinese : entertaining ! . Youtube : . . *…

Started by Batman in General questions / discussions

1 Mar 19
Reply by Batman


Chinese films to learn Mandarin

I have watched 33 Chinese movies so far in my unusual quest to learn Mandarin, and I would highly recommend 11 of them: Hero, Journey to th…

Started by Victor Hart in Study strategy tips

20 Mar 17
Reply by Ajel


New Members - Looking for language exchange partners

This is a discussion for new members. If you are looking for language exchange partners, you can reply to this discussion to introduce your…

Started by Brandon in Can you help with this?

11 Mar 16
Reply by Ajel

Sentences only !

I got a friend who is interested in long lists of Chinese sentences. That's the way he learns Chinese. He said : "Short stories are not…

Started by Batman in Study strategy tips

4 Mar 13
Reply by Batman


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