Chinese Video Laugh Song - Golf in Mandarin - China News Fun - Weekly update 7-13-2011

大家好 -


It's been a relatively slow week on the site (好可怜) - (Learning: 'Poor baby' - hǎo kě lián! - 好可怜)...


But a friend shared with me a spectacularly lame video that might make you laugh a little bit, included below.


To counterbalance the uselessness of that video, here is a phrase I came across:

“寿比南山,福如东海"(May you live as long as the Southern Mountain, and be blessed as the Eastern Sea) (via codylanguages on tumblr)


This week's update.


A written description doesn't do it justice. You just have to watch it...

The Laugh Song - Chinese kids song "ha ha ha"


Watch as journalists stare down the wrath of typhoons & learn how to say "wet behind the ears" in Chinese.

Hardworking Chinese Journalists - Funny China News


Not exactly a literal translation but still frequently used in spoken Chinese:

How to say Duh in Chinese


By member Artech

Pull out the clubs & learn some vocabulary for golfing in Chinese.

Playing Golf - Dǎ gāoěrfū qiú - 打高尔夫球 - Chinese vocabulary & sentences

Not a very serious post but would be curious if anyone can add supplemental vocabulary related to Fight Club.

Why does Tyler Durden need a Chinese restaurant?


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