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James Jenkin replied to Gong Yi Si's discussion On pseudo-categories, or why Chinese seems more difficult than it is
"I see what you're getting at Gong Yi Si - are 'narrative' and…"
22 minutes ago
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Mi Sook posted a discussion

could you correct my chinese

wo xin zhong de nan神…See More
niao jiejie posted a discussion


Does (s)he really does pick up on tones? That way I can use her to practice some speaking when I am…See More
Danny replied to Victor Hart's discussion Chinese films to learn Mandarin
"Hi, as a beginner learner myself, which films would say are the more appropriate for…"
Jan 16
David Lloyd-Jones replied to Brandon's discussion Chinese ebook - 20 Questions to Basic Fluency - Download
"Brandon,   Nice work.  Thanks.   -dlj. "
Jan 15

Victor Hart replied to Victor Hart's discussion Learning Mandarin through Video
"Thanks for your feedback! I'm sure you're right that repeating what I hear would be…"
Jan 14
Vesley replied to Brandon's discussion New Members - What is a word that you have learned recently?
"Well, I learned how to say ice cream in Chinese, which is ”冰其林 “ (bing1 qi2 lin2) 。 :) "
Jan 14


On pseudo-categories, or why Chinese seems more difficult than it is 7 Replies

In what is taken by some to be the best reference grammar of Chinese in English, Yip Po-Ching & Don Rimmington’s “Chinese. A Comprehensive Grammar“(Routledge, orig. 2004), the authors grant special importance to a distinction they (and,…Continue

Tags: le, guo, syntax, pseudo-categories, expository

Started by Gong Yi Si in Grammar questions - 语法. Last reply by James Jenkin 22 minutes ago.

Could you correct my Chinese?

wo xin zhong de nan神 ta是一个人,和住在地球的星球。它测量多个1m50和18岁。这是医生,它可以挽救生命。这是非常勇敢的。它是安静的,它是清楚的解释。他什么都不怕。他热爱世界上所有的动物,甚至昆虫。它有一个开放的心态,他喜欢旅行和看其他人在世界上如何生活。他很高兴,他热爱生活和运动。这是快乐和休闲。 (he is a human being, and lives on the earth planet. It measures more than 1m50 and…Continue

Tags: correction, help with chinese

Started by Mi Sook in Can you help with this? on Wednesday.

Can I use Siri to practice speaking Chinese?

Does (s)he really does pick up on tones? That way I can use her to practice some speaking when I am studying alone.This might be one of the silliest things, but I recently upgraded from a 4 (without Siri) to a 5c and now have Siri. I was waiting on…Continue

Tags: tools, use siri to practice chinese, spoken, resource, Siri

Started by niao jiejie in General questions / discussions on Monday.

Chinese films to learn Mandarin 16 Replies

I have watched 33 Chinese movies so far in my unusual quest to learn Mandarin, and I would highly recommend 11 of them: Hero, Journey to the West, Dragon (Wu xia), Shower, House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Shanghai Triad, The…Continue

Started by Victor Hart in Study strategy tips. Last reply by Danny Jan 16.

Practice Your Chinese

How to say "to wait" in Chinese - 等候 "deng hou"


Could you please wait a few minutes?

Qǐng nǐ néng bùnéng děnghòu jǐ fēnzhōng?

等候     "děng hòu"        / to wait / to wait for /

等    "děng"   / to wait / to wait for /    but can also mean  /class / rank / grade / equal to / same as /

To see more examples of using  等     "děng"  see this Fast Track Chinese page.  In all examples that use the verb wait, you may substitute  等候  "děng hòu".  Click on the arrow to see more than 5…

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The Value of Learning Chinese and English Languages

English and Mandarin are the most widely spoke languages in the world. Currently, the master of arts in teaching English is one of the most preferred postgraduate degree of individuals who want to…


Posted by Samantha Young on January 17, 2015 at 8:19am

Short and interesting Mandarin phrases - just for fun

Hi Everyone

Below is a long list of short phrases that you can practice reading to try and understand. Most of them are not serious, just for fun. I've explained the first four and left the rest for you to try. If there are any you don't…


Posted by Jim Wu on November 28, 2014 at 5:00pm


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